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A passion for motor racing runs deep in the veins of the Mannapperumas. It was Mr. Sumanapala Mannapperuma, who is fondly known as ‘Manam’ in the racing fraternity, that first appeared in a motor car race in 1969 driving a 1500cc car.

During the 1970’s Manam proved himself to be a top racing driver gaining numerous victories in the salon car events. The joyful cheers he received from the thrilled crowds who were entertained by his electrifying driving skills encouraged Manam to do his very best. He frequently made it to the podium as the winner in both tarmac, gravel tracks and hill climb events.

These achievements urged him into taking part in the fast single seater formula type racing events.

They say behind every successful man, lies a woman. In Manam’s case it is his wife, Manel. Manel has been a tower of strength for Manam’s racing career giving him all the encouragement and support ever since they got married in 1970, a year after he started his racing career. It didn’t take long for Manel to take up racing herself.

Manel Mannapperuma raced against both men and women. Being a very determined driver, she emerged victorious in many events. This racing couple made it to the headlines often.
The couple took part not only in motor racing, but also in motor rallies.
Manam and Manel’s three children, Madushan and the two girls, Ayanthi and Buddhima too have taken a leaf from their father and have made a name in the local racing field.

Manam’s passion for racing continues…

A ‘drive’ down memory lane…